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Catching up with Queen Alysha & Princess Halley Sue

It has been exactly 6 months since the crowns have been placed atop the heads of Queen Alysha O’Dell and Princess Halley Sue Lawrence, so lets catch up with them! They have been travelling a lot in the past 6 months and these next couple of months they can catch their breath because come January it’s back to non-stop travel to more festivals including Winter Carnival, Vulcan Weekend, Springtime Tallahassee and many more!

When asked how their experiences have been so far compared to how past Queens and Princesses have explained to them Princess Halley Sue described it as the experience has been nothing short of amazing and would not trade it for the world. Queen Alysha described it as being fun and adventurous and has not had a dull moment yet! Halley and Alysha agree that past royalty has described everything almost perfect except for the fact of going non-stop for six months!

Princess Halley’s favorite festival/experience thus far has been at Pepperfest. She got to ride on one of the most coveted vehicles between our Festival Friends, the Vulcan Fire Truck, she also learned that she can eat a plate of spaghetti in 77 seconds at the Spaghetti Eating Contest. Queen Alysha has enjoyed every moment of every festival that they have been to so far and has met so many wonderful people.

When asked to let us know a story, joke or just something rememberable that has happened in the past 6 months Halley reflected on the trip to Spain, while they were in Portugal the Hernando, Paul Sharff, got stuck in the elevator and Halley and Alysha had to call emergency services to get him out! Alysha agreed on this story being one of her favorites so far, they tried to keep Paul calm in the elevator while waiting on emergency services while trying not to laugh too hard at the situation.

Many festivals are coming up in the next six months for the Royal Family and to pick only one that they are looking forward to the most is a hard question to answer. Halley is most excited to head North to visit Winter Carnival because “Everyone has told me how pretty and awesome it is up there when we go! I may not be looking forward to the cold but I am looking forward to seeing my festival friends again!” says Halley. Alysha is also looking forward to visting our friends in Minnesota at Winter Carnival, she most looks forward to the battle between King Boreas and Vulcanus Rex.

As of right now Princess Halley can’t wait to see the Krewe of Lafitte in April when they come to Bradenton for our festival, this was another hard to question to answer as the krewes are all so amazing to us when we are in their town for their festival. Alysha is most looking forward to the return of our friends from our Sister City, Barcarrota, Spain. Alysha said “I had so much fun in Barcarrota at their festival and I miss them so much!

The event Princess Halley has enjoyed most in Bradenton would be the most recent trip to Palmetto High School for Homecoming Festivities, Halley graduated from Palmetto High School. The event she is most looking forward to is the DeSoto Bottle Boat Regatta, April 13, 2019 because she plans to get DJ Hager back from last year! Alysha has enjoyed all of our local events and seeing all of the children and families that are always so happy to see us and have a blast. Alysha is also looking forward to the Bottle Boat Regatta and her pursuit to victory with her team of Queen’s Court!


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